The Apps

Our simple and effective apps address common challenges faced by remote teams, making your work experience more fulfilling, productive, and balanced. Try them out and see the difference they can make.

  • Panopticash - Personal Finance With No Frills


    Just what you need to track your wealth. View All Your Assets in one place. Support For Multiple Currencies. Analytics. Recurring Transactions. Secure And Private. Calendar Integration.

  • Gold Bullion

    Bullion Genius

    Bullion Buyer Calculator: Your ultimate tool for calculating how much gold, silver, or platinum you can purchase with your desired budget. Easily input variant prices and weights, and let the app sort and optimize the options for you. Whether you're a neophyte investor or a seasoned collector, this user-friendly app empowers you to make informed decisions and maximize your precious metals investments.


Arsawatt makes remote work more fulfilling, productive, and balanced by creating simple and effective tools.

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